How Fees work

Free to list

Listing on Canvz is completely free. Once your artwork passes our quality checks it is listed on the website without charge. You may upload your entire portfolio and build up a gallery of work for sale without paying a cent.

30% success fee

When you make a sale on Canvz, you keep 70% of the total sale price. The remaining 30% is taken as a fee for hosting, selling and delivering your art.

USD Curency

All prices & fees on Canvz are charged in US Dollars. Currency conversion is handled automatically by PayPal at the time of Checkout or payment transfer. You will always be paid in USD.

Payment withdrawals

You may transfer your available balance anytime from your Canvz account to your PayPal account. There may be a small fee charged by PayPal to receive payments.

Fees FAQ

Can I sell on Canvz if I'm not in the United States?

Yes you can. We have sellers in many other countries.

Do I need a PayPal account?

A PayPal account is required to withdraw your available balance.

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How fees work
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