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Michael Vincent Manalo is a self-taught digital mixed media artist, a photographer, photo-manipulator and a musician.

The themes that are mostly seen on his work revolve around surrealism, pseudo-realism, nostalgic sentiments, and human emotion.

He creates his art through merging scenes that have been captured within his mind with scenes that have been captured by his camera to create the living space that his subconscious tries to convey. He does all this through Photoshop.

At present, he is one of the primary contributors for advanced photo-manipulation tutorials for Photoshop Tutorials. He has created various artworks as album covers for international bands/musicians such as Presto Ballet, Michael Samson, Shahin Shahida, Blue Syndrome and others. His works also served as covers for several books produced by international publishing companies such as Playwrights Canada Press, Isla Negra Editores, and The University of New Orleans Publishing.

He has been featured in several galleries and museums in Germany,Georgia, Italy, Philippines, Poland, Great Britain and the USA. He has been featured in several magazines as well such as Advanced Photoshop: Issue 76; profiles section, Blanket Magazine Issue 21 (USA), KISMET Magazine Issue 9 (International), Stone Magazine Issue 21 (USA), Carpaccio Magazine Issue 14 (Italy), Fotoblur Magazine Issue 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (USA), Bayou Magazine Issue 53 (USA) and many others.

His works have also won several notable awards such as: First Prize in the Digital Art Category given by the Art Museum of Chianciano Terme in Italy, a First Place Award given by the Box Heart Gallery in the USA, Best Photography Illustration from The Redmond Digital Arts Festival and a special recognition from the Upstream People Gallery.

His recent activities involved participation in Galeria Bielska BWA’s (Poland) artist-in-residency program and with Fellini Gallery’s (Berlin) Mural and Installation Program.

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